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Séverine de Close
Intimist, inspiring, Séverine de Close’s compositions take us on a musical journey. The singer­-songwriter has built a repertoire of melodious romantic and poetic songs, in French and in English. When on stage she accompanies her voice just with her guitar or with her guitar and live recorded music in front of the audience thanks to a sampler-­looper.
The lyrics are inspired by the feelings and the journeys of the author.
"The audience has enjoyed the inimitable voice of 
Séverine de Close again." ­ - DNA 05.16.15
In May 2014, Séverine de Close released a first two-­track record, entitled S. DE CLOSE and including "Aphrodite" and "Les Composantes de ma Chance". LONELY DAYS, her first album, was released in November 2014.
"Séverine de Close was involved in the project of  her album, as author, composer and performer, as well as graphic designer, videographer and photographer and was able to release her first single about the story of the statue of Aphrodite in Rome in May 2014"  - DNA 10.15.14
"A story­ poem told & shared with talent"­ #RKC radio about the song Aphrodite - 08.09.14
"Personnel et Confidentiel”, a two-­track record, was released in April 2015 and her third video clip called "Night Owls" was released in May 2015.
"Séverine Close who played Night Owls in a beautiful guitar­-voice won public favour  [1st Public Prize]
and was ranked second by the jury." - DNA 06.22.15



"Still more surprising than ever, Séverine de Close manages to always delight us more thanks to her talent as she moves forward on her musical path."

Radio #RKC ­ Approved & Recommended ­ - 07.02.15



"As a most promising newcomer, Séverine Close has truly captivated the audience" 

- DNA 06.29.14

"With her inimitable voice, the artist Séverine de Close touched the audience with her poetic song "A Cause".

- DNA 21/10/16

"L'Autre Nous”, a five-track record, was released in May 2016 and her fourth video clip called "Personnel et Confidentiel" was released in January 2017.