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Séverine de Close sings little words for great stories. Her songs are like one page novels. A few verses and stanzas, she does not need much more to tell stories in music and adventures from every angle. From feet to rhymes, from hymns to love, to life. It is with her guitar, a symbol of freedom, that Séverine de Close whispers her melodies to her ears. Once on stage she reveals her poetic and romantic universe forgetting her shyness.

Séverine de Close

Descendant of Esus and Artio, the fairy forest she knows pretty well. Poetess of the 21st century, where her attachment to authentic values and the omnipresence of connected technologies intersect, it is at the crossroads of these paths that Séverine de Close is found. As a child, somewhere in the middle of one of the largest forest in France she already imagined fairy tales or wondered about the meaning of life, and it could last ... hours. And all this not far from the house of Hansel and Gretel. Because yes, it really exists! With a carpenter's grandfather, wood in all its forms was never far away. It is he who manufactured, more than half a century ago, the wooden boxes that she uses to transport her material. Today the wood is in her hands: guitars and other instruments accompany her on stage.


"The audience has enjoyed the inimitable voice of 

Séverine de Close again." ­ - DNA 05.16.15

In May 2014, Séverine de Close released a first two-­track record, entitled S. DE CLOSE and including "Aphrodite" and "Les Composantes de ma Chance".
"A story­ poem told & shared with talent"­ #RKC radio about the song Aphrodite - 08.09.14
"Personnel et Confidentiel”, a two-­track record, was released in April 2015 and her third video clip called "Night Owls" was released in May 2015.
"Séverine Close who played Night Owls in a beautiful guitar­-voice won public favour  [1st Price Audiance]
and was ranked second by the jury." - DNA 06.22.15


In November 2015 Séverine de Close was selected by the association Voix du Sud by Francis Cabrel to join the Voix du Sud-Voix du Nord writing workshop with Marc Estève, Christian Alazard and JP Schlagg. The single AVENTURE PARTICULIERE written during this workshop is released a few months later.


In May 2016 released the album L'AUTRE NOUS which contains the song "Es-tu l'autre" which appears on the Compil'Ellesace published by Atome Borealis and the song "PJ" which appears on Compilation ADA HS12 edited by A Decouvrir Absolument in homage to Jean-Louis Murat. 2 videos from this EP where released in 2017 : "Personnel et Confidentiel" in January and "Fous de Nous" in April.




In parallel with regular concerts, Séverine continues the writing and composition of French songs, including the single "NOUS N'EN PARLERONS PAS" that she produced in summer 2017 with Hervé de Caro. The video of this extract of the future album was released on September 13, 2017. It is thanks to this song that Séverine will be finalist of the RTL2 RADIO springboard. In April 2018 will release the single and the video "PAS A PAS".


In April 2018, Séverine meets the lyricist Jean FAUQUE as part of a weekend of writing songs and sharing experience. Jean FAUQUE is the author of many songs such as "LA NUIT JE MENS" by Alain BASHUNG.



"Still more surprising than ever, Séverine de Close manages to always delight us more thanks to her talent as she moves forward on her musical path."

Radio #RKC ­ Approved & Recommended ­ - 07.02.15



"As a most promising newcomer, Séverine Close has truly captivated the audience" 

- DNA 06.29.14

"With her inimitable voice, the artist Séverine de Close touched the audience with her poetic song "A Cause".

- DNA 21/10/16


"The exceptional sweetness of her melodious voice immediately transported the audience into a world of poetry and romance.


The artist shared with hes fans moments of great musicality, full of emotion." - Le Républicain Lorrain 06/10/17



Séverine is now working on her album to be released early 2019. A first single and video from this album was released in September 2017 : "Nous n'en parlerons pas" and a second single "Pas à pas" in April 2018.


The mini-album "Live version" was released on September 1, 2018 pending the release of an album in early 2019.


Séverine's singles are broadcast on radios and webradios in France, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Canada and Australia.